returnofthemackMayo cruiserweight Michael Sweeney is pumped up and ready to exact revenge on domestic rival Ian Tims in one of the most intriguing fights on the Irish boxing circuit this year. As if tensions between the two were not high enough already, a pre-fight scuffle during a photograph face off has raised the stakes even further.

“I lost to Tims before so I’m after revenge big time. There’s no bad feeling on my side, I’m just in to fight,” said Sweeney.

The pair first clashed in March 2011 on the undercard of Willie Casey’s fight with Guillermo Rigondeaux. An out of shape Sweeney was expected to prevail but solid Dubliner Tims refused to be denied on the night and pushed the fight for every second, claiming a 97-95 success on referee Emile Tiedt’s scorecard and bagging an Irish title in the process. Michael has been eager ever since to erase that blemish from his record.

“Training has been going well and I’m in to four weeks now. I’ve been getting very good sparring with loads of good guys and it’s good to be back fighting in Dublin, on a big stage with Sky TV. I’m well prepared and ready to win.

“I’ve got a new team around me now and I’m managed by Leonard Gunning and trained by Peter Fury in Bolton so things have changed big time. A win here would land a big fight and I’m open to a fight with Conall Carmichael if it comes.”

Sweeney had previously been lobbying for a fight with Carmichael in Belfast but the bout never materalised. He still fancies that one if a promoter wishes to make it happen. Recently I was deliberating over Sweeney’s best win so far as a professional and I came to the conclusion that his third-round pummelling of Limerick brawler Jamie Power on the Dunne-Kratingdaenggym undercard was probably Mike’s most solid win and performance. Sweeney, as always, reckons the best is yet to come.

“My best performance will be my next on November 15,” he asserted.

Here is a video compilation of Sweeney in action back in 2011.

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