Paul Hyland Jnr is stepping up to six rounds on Mark Dunlop’s November 22 card as the 24-year-old steadily moves along his professional learning curve. The popular Belfast boxer is fresh off the back of a resounding 40-35 success over Gloucester’s Andy Harris on the last Devenish show and will now look to stave off the threat of southpaw mover Lewis O’Mara as part of the ‘Back to the Future’ event headlined by Dee Walsh. Speaking after the Harris victory Hyland Jnr was generally pleased with his display and whenever the youngster planted his feet and let the punches go it looked increasingly likely that the usually resolute visitor was close to being removed early.

“He was all over the place but held on for dear life there and I just couldn’t get the knockout,” lamented Paul. “The first round was just about gauging his power and he felt strong enough but he wasn’t really hitting me so I upped the pressure and caught him to the body. When I caught him to head he was all over the place so I hit him straight on the button.”

Hyland’s rangy style could be adapted to create a distinct advantage over smaller lightweight rivals. The young boxer could perhaps mould a style for himself similar to the likes of Paul Williams or Celestino Caballero. Hyland always looks a more frightening and commanding figure when he operates behind his jab.

“Everyone says that my jab is the key to the door and I want to keep working behind the jab. I cut his eye early from the jab so I knew it was working,” he added.

“I’m looking forward to November already. It’s all about winning and building the record. He was ranked above me so that will push me up a bit. The calm boxing and control I had of the fight pleased me. He touched down but didn’t get the count for it and he got up but held on and I did what I could to get the clean shots away.”

Now boasting a 3-0 slate Paul is trained by father and namesake Paul Hyland Senior, an intense coach who admits he demands high standards from his boxers.

“I’m always critical because I want him to improve,” said Hyland Snr after the bout. “I’ll have a good look at the tapes tomorrow but I was pretty happy. There’s more in him, he’s only tipping the iceberg so far – there’s so much more to come. It’s hard not to get carried away with the crowd because a lot of people put a lot of time and money into coming to watch the fights so he’s under pressure to perform.

“The crowd are cheering and chanting and there’s a big following for him. The better he boxes then the more people will come and watch him. It’s not just about getting wins because he wants to look good doing it.

“I’m never happy, I always want better!” said Hyland Senior.

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