Shane McGuigan reckons that Carl Frampton can dispatch any of the title holders at the 122lb weight class. In fact, Frampton’s trainer, who has adapted seamlessly to training at world level, has been saying this for a while and now will be the perfect time to prove it.

“I said to Dad about a year ago that Carl could beat them all; Dad said, ‘well, yeah – in time’,” revealed Shane.

“I believed that then and I believe it now even more so. Carl was always good at going back but now he can fight aggressively, but do it in style. What he did to Chris Avalos was ruthless – that’s the level you have to bring out of a fighter and he brought it out tonight. He keeps raising the game, raising the bar. He’s a world-class fighter; he’s always been world class but he’s going to be one of the very best.”

Scott Quigg is next for Frampton

McGuigan Jnr believes that Scott Quigg is the obvious next opponent but he still remains hopeful of tempting Leo Santa Cruz out his Al Haymon bubble for a unification bout. Another fighter Shane fancies is Nonito Donaire who is now campaigning back down at super-bantamweight. After these fighters have been dealt with then a massive encounter with Guillermo Rigondeaux would be on the agenda. After speculating on the next opponent Shane broke down ‘The Jackal’s’ blitz of Chris Avalos and revealed just at what point he thought the fight was won.

“I thought the final factor was when Carl hit him in the second round. He went to break and Carl jumped on him and hit him hard. About 20 seconds before that Carl thumped him as well with a right hand, and after that Avalos slowed right down. He was a sitting duck, Carl started pushing him back and he can’t fight on the back foot. The difference is Chris Avalos is a fringe world class fighter and a mandatory challenger with two governing bodies, but Carl Frampton is a level above that.

“Not being disrespectful to Avalos, he wilted and turned away and that’s why Howard Foster intervened,” added Shane McGuigan.

Carl Frampton concurred: “Avalos seemed very slow to me and I knew everything that was coming. I was hitting him with my right all the time; Shane was telling me to throw the left hook after it, and I was throwing the left hook on its own as well.”

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