Do you need a boxing script that performs with the precision of peak Floyd and packs a heavyweight punch?

A lot of YouTube channels reach out to me for exactly that. I write boxing scripts for upcoming fights, historical recaps, list-based countdowns and much more. One client, Motivedia Boxing, has worked with me over 25 times.

His channel has over 1 million subscribers.

While I’m not claiming sole responsibility for such a hefty fanbase…he keeps coming back for more. Here’s some recent feedback I received: “Brilliant, thanks again mate, nice one for getting these thrown together so swiftly!”

Another client, The Boxing Round-Up, has hired me for every single video they’ve produced. Right now their subscriber base sits at 139,000. Many of the video views end up in the hundreds of thousands – and some in the millions.

They like the fact that I can call upon over 15 years of writing experience in the sport. As I often tell them: once you get bitten by the boxing bug, it’s hard to stop watching.

Other channels, large and small, often get in touch with various requirements in a number of different styles. 

Primal Boxing (who now focus on Wrestling) preferred story-based content.

While Sparring Highlights are all about the strategy and technique of pugilist specialists.

BoxingNewsTV haven’t put their promo content up yet. But trust me, when it comes out you’ll be impressed.

So…when you need a boxing script, just drop me an email: or What’s App: +7890066463

Thank You – Steve