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“A fighter is at his most dangerous when hurt” is an aphorism often trawled out after boxing matches. Trainer Shane McGuigan has seen his own stock rise off the back of Frampton’s success, since taking over full training duties from Belfast veteran Gerry Storey. Considered and erudite in his vocal delivery, Shane’s record is currently speaking for itself despite the detractors.

His candid approach to predictions and assessments of bouts has been a refreshing change from the standard PR lines and drum-beating hyperbole that members of the press are so often fed in these situations. McGuigan Jnr was spot-on in how he believed the fight would transpire and said that Carl did not finish off Kiko when he had him hurt due to the above maxim of Martinez being dangerous when in trouble.

“A lion’s always dangerous when they’re hurt. Nigel Benn always got knocked down and he’d be at his most dangerous,” said Shane.

“So I said, work off your jab, control it all from the centre of the ring. The first fight he [Frampton] covered a lot of ground and a lot of miles but this time his stamped his authority and every time he took a step back he threw something with venom and it worked. Kiko was so petrified from the last fight that when Carl hit him he gave ground.

“I think in the last fight Carl could outbox Kiko and outfight him as well. There were a few head clashes in there and that was the only worry in my mind. He’s a lot stronger than Kiko Martinez. Carl’s the best at distance and he’s the hardest super-bantamweight out there. He showed today that he’s comfortable at distance and then he got inside and fought him in the inside as well,” he added.

Frampton himself spoke on the qualities that McGuigan brings to the table as a trainer and friend. Despite the inevitable lamps, bumps and bruising Frampton insists that he was never hurt at any point throughout the fight. He attributes much of the success to the vast worth of his coach.

“I I said it on ringside, Shane’s the best coach in the UK and Ireland. He knows his stuff and people are going to be knocking his door very soon to start working with him,” said Frampton.

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