SONY DSCThe questions at the post-fight press conference were firing back and forth, thick and fast, as journalists and Team Cyclone collectively came down from the world title-winning high that had finished just minutes earlier. On more than one occasion Barry McGuigan was quizzed on how far his young charge could go. The former world champion has always said that ‘The Jackal’ had the potential to surpass his own ring achievements and then some. This, he said, was the first step on that road. There were strong suggestions that Frampton could go down as the greatest Irish boxer of all time.

“I don’t know who the greatest Irish fighter is but I wouldn’t suggest for one minute it was me. If he’s handled correctly and gets the right fights he can really go as far as he wants to go,” said Barry.

Another part of the promotional outfit is Barry’s son Blaine McGuigan who was not so keen to discuss future options with the more persistent members of the English media. Rather than speculate over mega fights with the likes of Scott Quigg, Guillermo Rigondeaux or Leo Santa Cruz, Blaine was looking to bask in the glow for a while.

“Yeah let’s not talk about fights,” he reasoned. “I think we should just savour the moment a little bit rather than talk about what’s going to go on next. That’s one of the biggest nights that Northern Irish boxing’s ever had.”

His plea fell on deaf ears as the likes of Gareth A. Davies, Ron Lewis and Jeff Powell -as well as their Irish-based counterparts, myself included- preferred to eagerly anticipate Frampton’s next move on the increasingly intriguing 122 lb chess board. After all, now that Carl has secured his place in the record books where will our next big moment come from?

“There are loads of fights out there,” agreed Barry McGuigan, getting into the spirit of things. “We’ll speak to the IBF and look at the injuries. This kid could end up as the best Irish fighter there has ever been. He can go to featherweight and super-featherweight. He knocks out lightweights in the gym. He can move through the weight divisions.”

Kiko’s team were also clearly impressed with what they witnessed on the night. Sergio Martinez had predicted a Martinez knockout win beforehand and even though he would not be drawn on the specifics, manager Sampson Lewkowicz was confident that his man would prevail. He didn’t, of course, and is now left to pick up the pieces of a long and successful career. Make no mistake there will be further opportunities for a fighter like Martinez. The heavy-handed super-bantamweight has shown that he has no issues travelling abroad and remains a good, solid name at the weight class.

“After the fight Sergio Martinez said that he [Carl] is one of the most exciting fighters in the world today. Sampson said he was absolutely fantastic and a great fighter. They got straight up and said he is tremendous,” grinned McGuigan.

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