ingramjonesBoxing pundit Ingram Jones has thrown his weight behind Carl Frampton’s world title challenge in early September. Speaking in a special interview conducted for the 2014 edition of the Irish Boxing Review the head of BaylorIC TV explained what he thinks of Frampton’s chances and the Belfast man’s future prospects.

“I think Carl Frampton could go on to become a great Irish fighter in the future if he is managed carefully. What I mean by this is taking the right fights at the right time,” said Jones.

“He has all the talent in the world but that doesn’t mean we should throw him to the lions but rather get him in fights that are testing but not fights each and every fight is be a war. [This] causes burnout and his career therefore is shortened. I’m sure his management team are doing a fine job and can appreciate my thoughts.”

Ingram also revealed that he is fully aware of the Irish boxing circuit, its history and its current goings on. Jones has interviewed Tyson Fury and his team and counts himself as a fan of their fighting style.

“My knowledge of Irish boxing isn’t that bad, Dave McAuley I would watch box on BBC Television with Harry Carpenter. Steve Collins when he challenged Chris Eubank for his title. Matthew Macklin, Andy Lee and of course Barry McGuigan. I wished the fight between McGuigan and Azumah Nelson had happened, that would have been a superfight. Sadly I caught the tail end of Barry’s career – he fight with Steve Cruz and his fight with Jim McDonnell.  Wayne McCullough was another fighter I watched not only win the world title but fight in some fantastic matchups. Wayne was  so durable and a talented boxer, if only he was a power puncher. His fight against Prince Naseem Hamed is still memorable.”

The full interview with Ingram Jones is inside the Irish Boxing Review: 2014 Edition which will be released shortly.

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  2. Michael Ram Septa

    Ingram Jones is one of our favourite boxing pundits. He always offers concise analysis and cutting commentary. Great job getting him into the book.

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