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Paddy Gallagher has been itching to get punching again and the Irish boxing prospect finally gets his wish tonight at the Devenish Complex. Paddy has made some alterations to his background setup and new trainer John Breen has been busy implementing some refinements to the welterweight’s game.

“I’ve changed manager and trainer. I’m with John Breen now and he’s training me a lot differently,” explained Paddy, speaking at an open workout in the Kennedy Centre.

“No single trainer knows everything and I took different things from Gerard [McManus, former trainer] and now I’m taking things from John. Gerard had me fighting and John has me boxing a lot more.”

Paddy recalls a session with Breen and his team a few years’ back when he was drafted in to help high-flying light-welterweight Paul McCloskey prepare for a big fight.

“I went to spar with Paul McCloskey a few years ago, before I made my debut, and he was just after fighting for a world title. I boxed very well and John reminded me of that recently. John knows I can hit and fight but he also knows that I’m a better boxer. We’ve gelled well in two and half months and I’m flying now.”

The 25-year-old features on Mark Dunlop’s enticing nine-fight show against English southpaw Liam Griffiths in a four-rounder. Gallagher took part in April’s welterweight Prizefighter tournament and encountered mixed fortunes on the night. He was, however, just glad to be back in the ring after long spells of inactivity.

“Fights kept falling through but that’s part of boxing. I was with John Rooney then and I was inactive for almost a year. I’ll get this one out of the way and hopefully win, then in the New Year start moving up the rankings.

“The only thing I did well [in the Prizefighter] was stop a man [Mark Douglas] in the second fight. People were saying I was “chinny” afterwards and I couldn’t take a shot but I do have a chin. It was a mad night! Everyone saw it for themselves on TV what happened, there’s nothing really to explain. There are some good things that came out of it though. It got me moved up the rankings and I’m hoping for an Irish or British title next year.”

Coyle was a reasonable operator but Paddy believes that he played into the Essex man’s hands with much of his downfall owing to an intense motivation that left the Belfast slugger caught in a one-dimensional trap.

“I was too pumped up and going for knockouts. Yes Coyle is decent, he’s good at what he does, but I played into his hands and gave it him on a plate more or less,” he said.

Putting this aside Gallagher has taken the experience and rankings boost as bonuses from a reasonable night’s work. He is now looking forward to another local appearance tonight and relishing the opportunity to impress his fans once again.

“This is a good opportunity for me because there are only two shows in town – Mark Dunlop and Barry McGuigan. If you can get on those shows then you’re doing alright and there’s potential for me to get on one next year. The Devenish is good because I only live five minutes away and I’ll get some good support on the night,” concluded Gallagher.

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