Unbeaten middleweight Alfredo Meli appears to be have been granted his wish of boxing two weeks in a row. Shortly after posting a six-round shutout of Trowbridge survivor Dan Blackwell, the 24-year-old (boxing on his birthday no less) made known his desire to box again on Saturday, June 14.

“I’m hoping to get out next week so fingers crossed I can get out then,” said Meli, who will fight Dee Taggart this Saturday if all goes to plan.

“It’s not finalised yet [at the time of the interview] but if it is then happy days and if not then I’ll take a rest. I’ve had more fights recently than at any time.”

Alfredo was complimentary about the resolute nature of June 6 opponent Blackwell who hung in to concede a 60-54 defeat despite taking some heavy blows. It seemed at times that Meli may be able to force the stoppage when Blackwell’s bloodied nose began spewing claret across the ring apron as each heavy shot landed. Dan lives to fight another day and will also be back in Belfast on June 14 when he tackles Dubliner Anthony ‘The Pride’ Fitzgerald. As for Meli, he is clearly improving with each outing and soon expects a title crack to cement his credentials.

“I stuck to the boxing and I was learning more than in previous fights. When you learn you go up in levels too. I’m starting to build up a bit of a fanbase now which is what I need  to support me. Hopefully a lot more people will come out and watch me next time and I’ll be able to keep the wins coming.

“He (Dan Blackwell) was tough enough and gave me a fight. I worked more on my boxing skills than my fighting skills and that was the plan. The range was good and I wasn’t missing with as much in my fight in the Devenish. This time it was calmer, more movement and looking to get away and back in to tag him,” said Meli.

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