macklin (1)World-class middleweight Matthew Macklin is looking to muscle his way into the title picture once again and has his heart set on an Irish homecoming. Macklin’s next appearance could be in Dublin at the end of August, possibly in a world title eliminator. Although that has not yet been officially confirmed it’s very much part of the 32-year-old’s career plan.

“I can’t wait to fight in Ireland again. It’s brilliant going over to America and getting involved in big fights and I want to get a few good wins under my belt and get another crack at the world title,” he said.

Matthew was an interested observer recently when former foe Sergio Martinez conceded his middleweight belts to Puerto Rican legend Miguel Cotto in New York. Macklin agreed that Martinez looked like a shop-worn fighter whose better days are behind him. He doubts that the Argentine will be seen again at the top level due to a succession of serious injuries having taken their toll. Macklin still believes that in 2011 he beat a proper version of Felix Sturm but failed to get the decision he deserved. Now sporting a 30-5 (20 KOs) record he has certainly acquitted himself with distinction during several appearances at the top level.

“My fight with Martinez was nip and tuck until the final round. Golovkin beat me with a bodyshot but nobody wants to fight him. I came back with a good win before Christmas [against Lamar Russ in New Jersey] and hopefully I’ll fight in August. I think Golovkin will beat anyone at 160lb and possibly at 168lb. I think the only person who could possibly beat Golovkin would be Andre Ward and I don’t believe anybody wants to fight either guy so somewhere down the line it’s one of the most intriguing fights in boxing.”

Having shared the ring with the pound-for-pound beast that is Gennady Golovkin just how difficult is it to fight the Kazakhstani and what makes him so tough to beat?

“His footwork and ring generalship is excellent. He’s very good at closing the distance when he wants to and closing the ring off and cutting the ring off without really doing much. After two rounds I was under a lot of pressure, not blowing heavily but under the cosh. He hadn’t really got out of second gear. I tried to turn it around but he caught me with a good shot in the process,” said Matthew.

One domestic rival that fans have long hoped Macklin would face off with at some point was Limerick’s Andy Lee. The talented southpaw has been flirting in and around the world scene over the last few years and may be on the cusp of another shot at a title after falling to the fists of the bloated figure of Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr. Lee battled back from a rocky start to emphatically remove John Jackson in thrilling fashion on the Martinez-Cotto undercard.

“The knockout was excellent, you won’t get many knockouts better than that. I thought up until the knockout his performance was leaky but he turned it all around,” concluded Macklin.

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