Photograph: Sharon Fanagan

Middleweight prospect Luke Keeler improved his record to 6-0 (4 KOs) on Friday, September 12 but the 27-year-old disclosed afterwards that he was not overly impressed with his own performance. Despite tucking a rigid six-round workout under his belt, via a 59-55 victory over Laszlo Kovacs, Luke revealed that he was much to learn before he can consider moving up in levels.

“I was disappointed with it to be honest, I didn’t feel great, even warming up I didn’t feel great,” he said. “I’m glad I got the six rounds and it’s a good learning fight. I was rushing a bit as well but still I can just learn from that. I didn’t give him much respect going in there, I wasn’t really up for it even warming up. He was durable and awkward, moving back hooking and bending down so I couldn’t really catch him clean.

“I was a bit anxious. When I first saw him I thought I’d blow him out in a round or two because he was a bit smaller but in fairness to him he was tough and took the shots. I landed four or five clean shots and he took them.”

Keeler will now switch his attention to potential title opportunities. Belfast talent Alfredo Meli has been whispered as a possible Irish title opponent but Luke is keen to grab his place on Matchroom’s rescheduled Dublin show that is being mooted for mid-November in the O2. Irish boxing is blessed with plenty of middleweight talent right up to the very top with Matt Macklin and Andy Lee flirting with world class honours.

“There’s a Celtic Nations title I could go for and hopefully this Matchroom show goes ahead in November and I could step-up and fight for that. I’ve been doing very well [sparring with the likes of Frank Buglioni] and feeling relaxed. Hopefully the Macklin show goes ahead but either way I’ll be out again in November.”

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