Declan Geraghty is making waves and gathering interest with his fan-friendly style. The MGM stable in Marbella that Declan trains in currently boasts a rich variety of talent on its books. The quality of sparring is currently at a premium with many fighters travelling over to reap the benefits. The Irish boxing scene may be experiencing a slight lull at the moment but this does not mean that the talent is not out there. Geraghty enjoyed a four-round points victory over Ignac Kassai in Dublin on September 12 to improve his record to 6-0 (1 KO).

After placing Kassai on the seat of his pants in the opening stanza it looked for all the world that the Hungarian would fold. Despite shipping continual bombardments of heavy punches pelting in from all angles the away man fidgeted his way through the first two and to his credit was even firing back in the third round, occasionally tagging the hometown boxer.

“Yeah I’m happy. I put him down in the first round and to be honest with you I thought he was just going to be one of those journeymen looking to get out of there,” said Geraghty. “I’ll give him credit where credit’s due, he stuck it out and I gave him good punishment. I didn’t want to blow myself out.”

Even though Declan’s work was slightly ragged at times he did show the rough diamond qualities that have led some revered observers to suggest he may go far in the gamed

“I honestly thought he was going to go but he bit deep and got down to it. I didnt want to hurt my hands or get a stupid cut because I’m boxing again in two and a half weeks’ time in a six-rounder so I didn’t want to do too much damage to myself. Shea [Macklin, trainer] just said to take it easy. I’m happy with the rounds I’m getting in and I’m only a super-feather boxing at lightweight. It’s another win under my belt and on to bigger and better things now.

“If I thought I knew it all I’d pack the game in now. I’ll just keep learning off Shea and do what he tells me. It seems to be paying off,” said Geraghty.

Trainer Macklin was indeed pleased with his man’s work: “He boxed well, yes. He loaded up a bit but loads to learn and we’ll start stepping it up now.”

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