Hugo Cazares claimed that he was angry with his stoppage loss to Carl Frampton on April 4. Even though the referee was receiving the brunt of the disgust he should also accept some responsibility for failing to answer the count on time.

“I was feeling OK and the referee didn’t tell me to come here or stand up and I wanted to use all of the time I had to get up,” Cazares said through an interpreter. “I’ve been in countings [sic] before and it was confusing. Yes, I was ready to get up and fight again.”

Hugo said that he was hearing two sounds, one from the ref and one from some mystery speakers. He also tried to say that he got up when he heard nine. Watching the fight back again will reveal that the latter was not actually the case.

“I hope the WBC takes action about the referee and speakers going at the same time. It was a misunderstanding with the referee’s count. Yes he was holding up his fingers but I was listening to his voice and it was confusing,” continued the former two-time world champion.

“Because of the magnitude of the event the referee should’ve had more criteria on what to do if there was a knockdown. The atmosphere was not a problem for me. I’ve fought in Japan, Puerto Rico and Panama and the crowd is always against me and we knew that when we came here. The crowd did not affect me at all and I was not intimidated.”

When pressed on Carl’s strengths, Cazares said that the Tigers Bay banger was physically strong and it proved difficult to get clean opportunities to hit the unbeaten prospect. Hugo remained tight-lipped on whether he will now look to hang up his own gloves or not. He said he plans to talk to his team and promoter and views the loss as a big obstacle to any future career plans. He will now check the video, analyse it and talk to the WBC.

While the battle-scarred Central American fades off into the sunset, Carl Frampton will be relatively unconcerned as he comfortably assumes prime position for a scrap with Leo Santa Cruz. Cazares, however, views Santa Cruz as a very tough opponent for Frampton, particularly if the proposed bout takes place in the USA.

“Then Santa Cruz will be receiving the shouts from his crowd and Frampton will not be in his house and with his own people,” Cazares (perhaps) chuckled manically.

“If it were here in Belfast he would win but I don’t think Santa Cruz comes here. I don’t think Frampton knocks him out either. Yes he’s ready for the fight but he has to take care of some little things, like his defence. He opens a lot when he throws punches and he needs more experience outside of his home.”

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