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James Fryers is willing to do whatever it takes to get the victories on his record even if that means stepping into the trenches and winning ugly. The Belfast lightweight was made to work hard for his fifth professional win, achieved in the Devenish Complex last Saturday evening, but he managed to grind out a shutout over Portsmouth southpaw Lewis O’Mara. As the Irish boxing system continues to push out talented fighters from a relentless conveyor belt Fryers could be one to watch in the future.

“I wish I had put in a better showing but winning ugly is just as good,” he conceded.

“He [O’Mara] was ducking down every time I threw a punch and I was a bit frustrated. I was trying to throw a jab to the body but he ducked down so I threw it to the side and it worked a few times but I ended up getting too close. I needed to take half a step back and I ended up throwing bombs but it’s all experience.

“I’m happy enough with the win which is the important thing. I’m like a snooker player who thinks about the next shot when I should be thinking about my own thing. I’m glad to be getting the rounds in now.”

One man who knows a thing or two about the boxing business is former featherweight star Martin Lindsay who has been helping to put Fryers through his paces at the Immaculata club.

“I have been working with him and I have been doing a wee bit of sparring with him,” Lindsay told the Belfast Newsletter before this latest contest.

“James is a good boxer – he is cute in the ring – and I believe he will do well. His preparation has gone well with Nugget, Alfredo Meli and myself. Saturday night should be a good test but he will get the job done and move on,” Martin added.

Despite taking a few punches (a hazard of the job I’m sure) James said that he felt comfortable throughout the contest. Fryers describes himself as more of an inside fighter who likes a tear-up but claims that he is adaptable enough to change his approach if the situation dictates.

“I can box if I want to but once you get punched you want to get stuck in there and I jumped in a bit and should’ve boxed a bit more. He was slipping and spinning me but I should’ve been smarter and stepped off to work the shots a bit more but it’s one to look back on and learn from.

“I took a body shot but it was one of those ones that you can breathe out after a few seconds so I’m not worried about my fitness. I haven’t seen a mirror yet but I think I came out unscratched. I’m hoping Mark [Dunlop, promoter] will get me out again.”

The next Devenish show, scheduled for November 22, will provide Fryers with the perfect opportunity to add another name to his record should he get the chance to appear.

“For the first two years I suffered too much from inactivity and I heard a rumour that Mark’s having another one here in November so I want to keep active as much as I can,” he said.

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