The Carl Frampton-Kiko Martinez rematch was one of the biggest fights in Irish boxing history. Frampton beat Martinez comfortably on points to take the IBF super-bantamweight title. Below is my scorecard. Do you agree or disagree? Have your say and let me know how you totalled the big fight.

Round 1:

Frampton immediately commands centre ring and establishes his jab. The new look Kiko opts to box off the back foot.

Martinez 9-10 Frampton

Round 2:

Martinez enjoys enough success to make Frampton think more but The Jackal is still finding the target with calculated combinations.

Martinez 10-10 Frampton

Round 3:

The noise levels rise as Frampton lands a left hook and later a right hand brings the 16,000-strong crowd to their feet.

Martinez 9-10 Frampton

Round 4:

Martinez’s left hooks to the body are landing but Frampton’s slick movement is making all the difference so far.

Martinez 9-10 Frampton

Round 5:

Kiko introduces some nefarious tactics but Carl is unimpressed, dropping him with a right hand reminiscent of their last meeting.

Martinez 8-10 Frampton

Round 6:

Martinez is stalking the challenger but failing to effectively cut off the ring. Whenever he reaches Frampton he gets punished.

Martinez 9-10 Frampton

Round 7:

The Spaniard’s strategy finally starts to bear fruit as Carl takes a round off. It’s close but Kiko sneaks the session.

Martinez 10-9 Frampton

Round 8:

Martinez finishes stronger and lands some meaty left hooks to Frampton’s torso. The Belfast crowd respond to rally their hero.

Martinez 10-9 Frampton

Round 9:

Frampton’s back in business, controlling from the middle behind his ramrod jab, forcing Kiko back. Carl’s greater quality shines through.

Martinez 9-10 Frampton

Round 10:

Martinez is starting to look battle weary as Frampton glides around the ring, stopping only to pick his man off with ease.

Martinez 9-10 Frampton

Round 11:

Chants start up as the crowd realise their man is boxing his way to a world title. Martinez remains resolute but outclassed.

Martinez 9-10 Frampton

Round 12:

Kiko is backed up by Frampton’s spiteful combinations and referee Steve Gray hovers. Carl retreats and the now ex-champion hears the bell.

Martinez 9-10 Frampton

Score Total: Kiko Martinez 110-118 Carl Frampton

Judges Scorecards: 119-108, 119-108 and 118-111 all in favour of the new IBF super-bantamweight champion Carl Frampton.

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