ChrisAvalos-boxrec-mediaCarl Frampton is intent on punishing IBF mandatory challenger Chris Avalos for a perceived lack of respect. Avalos arrived in Belfast intent on stoking up the tension with a bit of trash talk. Frampton was not amused by the American’s antics but unsurprised by his crude attempts at engaging in psychological warfare.

“I expected it from him to be honest,” shrugged Frampton. “He was just annoying me a wee bit, showing me zero respect as the champion. He said that he doesn’t respect me as a fighter but he’ll respect me when I hit him in the first round. I’ve got the motivation, I’ve got the belt.”

Avalos’ manager Mike Criscio claimed that his man was hungry for success after a tough career trying to reach this kind of level. Frampton listened intently to the hard-luck story but does not believe that Avalos (right, photograph BoxRec Media) deserves the title anymore than himself.

“He’s just the same as me as a young, hungry fighter. We don’t need all that to sell tickets but it helps a wee bit. It’s mind games but it doesn’t bother me. I think he’s a bit daft as well to be honest.”

Any concerns about Carl’s hands not being ready for fight night were quickly dismissed by the champion who has been limbering up on the monkey bar challenge at a complex in Twin Spires, Belfast.

“The hands are fine. I just waited and did no punching until I was told to and got the all clear. I’ve been sparring a bit and they’re fine. Avalos’ tall but he’s wearing platform shoes; sticking the big heels on to look bigger.”

Avalos may look bigger but the champion poked fun at his challenger for looking “a wee bit podgy”. Frampton’s supporters still crave big fight against the likes of Quigg, Santa Cruz and Rigondeaux but next in line is Californian Avalos in ‘The Jackal’s’ late February Odyssey assignment. Carl has already predicted that the American’s lack of respect will prove his downfall.

“The mistake this guy’s making is he’s saying he doesn’t respect me. I am training hard for him. There are some big fights out there and as the champion they aren’t going to be easy now. Some hard fights against hungry competitors,” admitted Frampton.

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