frampton-midland-2010The countdown to Carl Frampton’s September 6 world title challenge is well and truly on as the two boxers formally come face-to-face in Belfast this week for the first time since February 2013. The venue for the huge showdown will also be announced shortly. Speaking at the initial press conference that was organised to announce the IBF fight, Carl said he is hoping that Kiko arrives in Belfast ready to talk some trash.

“I hope it’s fiery. He has been saying a lot on Twitter, but let’s see if he is like that when he comes over because he has already been tamed,” said Frampton.

“He has already been knocked out, so he can’t be too brash because he will look foolish. There will be no problem with me getting motivated as there is a world title on the line. I’m going to be in front of the biggest crowd I have boxed in front of so there will be no issues with that. I think he’s a slightly better fighter now but I know how much I have improved.”

Even though his “smack talk” seems a little nonsensical at times it is fair to say that ‘La Sensacion’ Martinez has never been afraid to duck a challenge. The diminutive Spaniard has never been afraid to travel for fights, although the fact that he is not exactly packing out arenas at home in Spain could be a mitigating factor in that.

“He is well travelled but he has to be because boxing’s not a massive sport in Spain,” agreed Carl Frampton, speaking at the initial press conference in early June.

“He may be a better fighter [since the first fight], slightly, but nothing dramatic has changed. I think this has all the ingredients for a proper ding-dong.”

Given that the pair have fought before there is a blueprint for how the rematch could pan out. Not that the challenger is taking much notice – he thinks that it could end even earlier than last February.

“It will be a tough fight but I think I will knock him out earlier this time. That’s bold, but I have learned from the last fight and the mistakes I made. It’s a bold prediction. I’m not one to predict rounds, but I’m very confident I can beat this guy up and do it earlier than the last time.

“If I’d have got the opportunity I think I‘d have been ready to win a world title a year-and-a-half ago at least. I’m a better fighter now, things are falling into place and looking good and I promise nothing will go wrong on fight night,” said Frampton.

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