Belfast super-featherweight Anthony Cacace has spoken of how a chance encounter with Barry McGuigan led to him signing with Cyclone Promotions and landing a spot on the Titanic Showdown undercard. Despite a promising start Anthony’s pro career stalled after a move to Philadelphia failed to work out. Now he’s training with the McGuigans and hoping to bag a British title shot after tonight’s rust-shedding fight with Poland’s Dawid Knade.

“I was walking through town to meet with my manager and I ran into Barry and we exchanged numbers then a couple of weeks later I was staying in London working towards this next fight,” buzzed Cacace.

“It’s amazing working alongside Barry, Shane and Carl and it’s a positive step. As a trainer Shane’s only 25 like myself but he’s the best in Britain and he’s going to be even better in time. I’m loving working alongside him, his nutrition and all of his advice is working for me. I haven’t been in the ring in 10 months so I’d like to just get this fight out of the way and move towards the British title.”

Anthony recalls the time he first met his new trainer, back in 2008, when the pair shared a dressing room at the Ulster Seniors. Shane was busy preparing for his fight and had to deal with Cacace and his entourage celebrating in the other corner.

“That was back in the day and I did things wrong,” he concedes. “Now I’m more mature and I’ve wised up. I’m a father and I have a family to look after. Philadelphia was too far away, it wasn’t working out for me. I only had one fight in nine months and that wasn’t good enough. Everyone in London is very professional and I intend to do everything they ask of me.

“I definitely want to be British champion. Obviously a world title’s the dream and if they can take me anywhere near that it would be lovely. I’ve got the tools but I just need to develop in other aspects of my career.”

Cacace draws inspiration from the rise of Carl Frampton and hopes to follow in his new team mate’s footsteps.

“Seeing what Carl has grown in to gives me confidence. He’s absolutely brilliant but once he was on the same level as myself. With the McGuigans there’s no reason I can’t do that,” he said.

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